Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars: Does Acne Scar Cream Work?

Even after the acne is gone, individuals can be plagued by it. Acne often leaves scars that can be difficult to get rid of. Many companies make acne scar cream that is supposed to help fade these scars, but many individuals wonder if this cream even works. By understanding the ingredients and purpose of acne scar cream, one can determine whether it will work for them or not.

Different Kinds of Acne Scars

Acne cream will work differently depending upon which type of acne scars you have. Some individuals have raised white scars called keloids. This happens when the white blood cells are dispatched to repair the injuries at the site of acne. Others may have scars that look more like holes or pits, and these can be difficult to get rid of. Depending upon the severity of acne scars, acne scar cream may be helpful. It is worth getting an opinion from a physician before trying a drastic treatment. To learn more about the different types of acne scars, visit Acne Scars.

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Try Microdermabrasion Cream

Microdermabrasion cream has become very popular for treating acne scars. This cream typically has tiny ‘scrubbers’ that gently remove the dead skin cells and damaged skin so that the healthy, new skin shows through. This can work for keloid-type scars very nicely, smoothing the skin and helping with discoloration. Microdermabrasion acne cream does not work as well with pitted or boxcar type scars, so individuals with those types may need to find another type of treatment.

Use Collagen Acne Cream

Some acne creams are advertised as containing collagen. Many individuals with pitted or boxcar type scars may feel that this kind of cream would work best for them – ‘filling’ in the pits left behind from acne. However, research shows that it’s very hard for the skin to absorb collagen when it’s applied topically. Considering that collagen cream is often expensive, it is not really worth it because it’s not going to do much for the scars.

Give Preventive Acne Skin Cream a Try

Individuals who want to keep their skin smooth and prevent acne scars should apply preventive acne scar cream as soon as the acne is healed. A cream that contains vitamins, antioxidants and fatty acids can help prevent acne scars. Scars are created by the body’s defense to acne, and skin can become hard around scars, or discolored. Cream like Shea Butter or a similar type of protecting cream can work really well to keep the skin from becoming scarred and altered.

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