Liberty Bell Facts for Kids – The real story

The cast of Liberty Bell was originally plotted in the year 1752. This happened in England. Since then, the mentioned was seen hung in the Pennsylvania State House. This is in United States.  Later, a new name was given in the term Independence Hall. The first time it rung, a cracked was perceived. This was one of the reasons why recasting by most local artisans took place. This stayed true for the same reasons. There were people who believe that way back 1846, it was again rung in celebration of the birthday of George Washington. It cracked once again though. Since then, it was never rung again. These are some of the Liberty Bell Facts for Kids.

Needless to say, the bell is a representation of the independence of America. Original casting of it was undertaken in London, England. This transpired in 1752. The company Lester and Pack took charge in it. As for today, the company is considered to be Whitechapel Bell Foundry. Basically, the original cast came with the words obtained from Leviticus 25:10. This was – proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof.

As said, the bell cracked the first time it rang. John Stow Twice and John Pass were both recast. Their last names were said to be both seen on the bell. Originally, the bell was meant to summon a ton of lawmakers in their sessions for legislation. It was also designed to make sure that people were alert in times of public meetings and proclamations.

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Up until now, there was no documented proof known. It was just believed that the Liberty Bell rung in 1776. This was intended to mark the Declaration of Independence. In the year 1830, it was claimed to be significant most especially in the lives of anti-slavery supporters. These were all published.

The owning of Liberty Bell was undertaken by the City of Philadelphia. Needless to say, the Liberty Bell was really well travelled. This began in 1885. The bell during this time was allowed to display a wide array of expositions and patriotic events. These trips even cracked and there were souvenir hunters who were there to take chips of the bell. This was the main reason why the bell was not made available again after the said event.

As the World War II ended, the custody of Liberty Bell was bestowed to the National Park Service. Even if this happened though, the bell was still owned by the City of Philadelphia. It was in the year 1960 when the Liberty Bell happened to be a popular site for most protestors to even gather. This also became popular during the Cold War. This was perceived to be a great symbol of freedom.

The Liberty Bell was farther moved into Independence Mall in the year 1976. This was situated in a certain glass pavilion. It was again moved to another pavilion in the year 2003. With that, the image of the Liberty Bell was meant to utilize coins and stamps.  It also became popular for many corporations.

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